Thursday, January 12, 2006

I was a regular visitor to the Rum Runner in the early 1980's and loved the exotic nature of its regular crowd of posers. It's feeling of exclusivity was enhanced by the door policy that excluded "normal" punters. As a result, only those people who made the effort to dress outrageously, and would consequently be barred from the other clubs, were let in.
Once admitted into the mirror tiled haven, you entered the world of peacocks and painted ladies respelndant in yards of extravagant fabrics - original outfits by local designers Khan and Bell abounded. The music was exclusive, classic and cutting edge. Creative people abounded and there was a general feeling of sanctury from the rest of the plebian population. The infamous Barrels were always a favourite for many a private liason. The famous took advantage of the exclusive nature of the club, knowing that it was a mortal sin for any one to lose their cool by showing the remotest flicker of recognition for a celebrity.
Innevitably, the club started to lose its shine and eventually closed along with one of the most colourful and inspiring eras in Birmingham's recent history. The building was buldosed along with the famous doors which where covered in graffiti from adoring fans of the clubs most famous sons, Duran Duran. The Berrows brothers owned the club and manged the band from there, pressing the lads into various roles of employment within the venue (from Glass collecting to doorman) whilst they worked on promoting them in the music industry. Once they started to reach stardom, they were (of course) dutifully ignorged by the posing punters in true Runner cool mode. Love them or hate them, they will always be linked with the legendary club and did much to elevate the status of the venue on the world stage.
If you remember the club, please feel free to share your memories here.